something about mari

.....is a very personal collection, reflecting my life and who I am. It’s a culmination of uphold values,
creativity that fuels me and a lot of experience in the field. Two other fashion labels (The Barn and
NOGU) and a concept store have formed me and “something”.....keeps popping up in every new
"I don’t “do seasonal”, but work with small batches instead"
Something different, sophisticated, well-made and with attention to detail. Something comfortable,
for we are constantly on the move. Something of good material (sustainable, lasting), something with
international style, but with Dutch roots - no doubt. Something exclusive but affordable, at a fair
price. Something that leads to a compact and conscious wardrobe; new up-dates added on to what
have become favorites or essentials (because well, there is always that fashion-thing...).
Attention I pay to all aspects involved, being it selecting fine qualities ( sustainable and natural by
preference), choosing colors, keeping a close watch on proportions and fitting or seeking perfection in
the make. I can only do this by working closely with my long-time, frequently visited relations: the makers.
Small, family-run factories; they are the other experts.
"Small, family-run factories; they are the other experts."
Inspiration I find in a constant influx of things I see, people I encounter, art I experience, nature that
surrounds us. My antenna is “on” all the time, pointed out to pick up.....something. Trends? May be.
Short-term waves? No thanks. Something has lead to (I hope) a personal and recognizable hand-
writing in this small collection of edgy essentials, often with that something...“je-ne-sais-quoi”.
I don’t “do seasonal”, but work with small batches instead, delivered at times we think useful and
thus ensuring my designs are exclusive. Since I always work in a specific “marí’s “ color palette it’s
easy to build up a wardrobe, based on this consistency.
I hope you recognize my personal hand in every aspect of my label. I hope I know what makes a piece
your favorite one in the closet.
And now you know something about mari, something about me.
- Mari Gunning