Icon Ginger Cardigan

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Long oversized V-neck cardigan with front-pockets. In mohair-mixed yarns.

An iconic style, this open-front, loose-fitting, easy-throw-over-anything-cardigan, as it has become the ultimate classic and a favorite in many a wardrobe, wearable all year. The yarn used is a special mix of 2 different yarns (mohair mix and lambswool) that I have developed since long and still is a favorite. The reason: its rich and hairy appearance and soft surface (OK, you must be a fan of a little fluffiness...); the beautiful melange colors emerging from this mix of yarns; but perhaps most of all: it's durability. This item will stay nice due to the lack of pilling and strong characteristics, a true sustainable feature. Wear it simply open over any top or try out wearing it with a (leather) belt/tie in the waist. You'll feel this will give a new dimension to the classic style. The length sits at mid-thigh, the front has two welted pockets, the bottom and cuffs are ribbed. Due to the knitting together of 2 yarns there maybe some stripy horizontal effect in some colors, adding to the hand-knit look. 

Size-chart S-M-L: 

body length from CB: 79-80-81 cm

½  chest width under armhole: 60-62-64 cm

Model is wearing a size M