Racy Sage Skirt

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Tencel midi-skirt with full elastic waistband, A-symmetric side-panels and front-pockets.

This midi skirt is both timeless ànd contemporary and caters for different looks, depending on how you style it.  Wear it with a tee or sweater tucked in the waist, or with a shirt or big pullover over it. As comfy and sturdy as trousers, with its roomy fit and side-pockets, but at the same time stylish and a welcome variation. 

Made from sustainable Tencel fine twill, with a rich, subtle semi-shine to it and practically wearable all year round. The skirt has a tunnel in the waist with elastic inside, all around and is a step-in style. The side-seams are in fact small panels, one side in fabric and one side in tone-on-tone rips tape and are slightly to the front for narrowing effect. The deep pockets (essential also in a skirt we believe) are hidden in the side-panels. 

Composition: 100% Tencel (read more at Material Information) 

Size chart S-M-L: 

total length: 75-76-77 cm

1/2 waistband width (relaxed): 31-32-33 cm 

1/2 bottom width: 78-80-82 cm 

bottomhem 5 cm 

Model is wearing a size M